Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Considering the Use of Humour in Religious Memes

In week five you are being asked to blog about the use of humor in religious Internet memes. This involves paying close attention to the message/s about religion that are communicate in your particular collection of memes, and how humor is used to frame and/or shape these messages.

You should identify what types or genres of humor are employed in your particular collection of internet memes. After reading Limor Shifman’s article” An anatomy of a YouTube meme” consider the categories outlined she outlines on humor in memes (playfulness, incongruity, superiority). Which of these seem to be utilized in your case study? Are there other dominant visual or textual techniques used within these memes? What roles do humor play and how does it frame the way religion is understood or communicated? 

You should also end your blog post by presenting the research question you have chosen for your case study. Please offer some explanation of how this emerged from your online observation and how this will shape your meme analysis


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