Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Advice God" - Key Finding

"Advice god" meme series is a collection of memes featuring the image of the Judo-Christian god, as depicted in Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam centered in the background used for the meme series "advice animals" (colorful triangles). During this study, 12 memes were chosen from meme websites (Such as:,, as well as a Facebook group and a blog which featured the meme.  The sampling strategy was focused on representing two aspects: The memes' construction process and memes which had audience reactions (that is, memes published in the blog and Facebook page). The focus was to explore the presentation of religion in these anti-religious memes.
As noted, these memes present god as an ethically questionable entity and of religion as contradictory and ridiculous. One clear example of that is the title of the page presenting the memes: "God is an Epic Troll: The Best of the Advice God Meme".
Through the process of spreading, creating and commenting on these memes, users take part in embedding meaning to religion – albeit, a negative one. Therefore, one of the key findings of this study is the need to distinguish between memes about religion and religious memes. The above added meme tries to tackle this understanding by asking if any meme with a religious symbol, is necessary a religious meme.

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